Greetings from Greensboro, NC! I'm on tour right now - here's a poster with a list of places I'll be. The asterisk means I don't have a show those nights yet, but might show up at a last minute gig of some sort (feel free to help out, if you have ideas). Venues and more info are listed on the shows page. Drawing by Greg Maxwell


Hey all, I've been on tour alot this year playing solo and with my band The Afterburners around the states, Canada and Europe. I've met alot of great folks including some of my own personal heros and some beautiful strangers (I can talk to strangers if I want to because I'm a stranger too). Somewhere in the mix we made a music video for the song, "Genevieve" from my newest record. I'll drop that off for you to watch right here. Also, I made a page with some old poems posted up on it that I will drop right here. It's sort of a secret part of the website that will be more prominent soon. Really excited for the rest of the year. Maybe I'll see you at a gig soon and you can be my own personal hero or a beautiful stranger too.


Hey! It's been awhile. Morgan Orion here. I just got back from a small tour playing with The Afterburners in Nashville, Bon Aqua, Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, Urbana, Illinois and Memphis. I met some nice folks and had a great time. Here is a little video from The Iron Post in Urbana to prove it!


Photo by Catherine Martel

Morgan's new album, The Tunnel of Love and the Hell of Hot Licks is now available for purchase on vinyl and digital!


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