Pre-Order the new album, The Tunnel of Love and the Hell of Hot Licks on Kickstarter now in digital and vinyl. Also get great prizes including a limited series of poetry books, hand screen-printed shirts and tote bags, a custom song made from your name and even an intimate Morgan Orion show in your livingroom for you and your friends.




Hello all,

I am heading on spring tour with Dana Sipos! These will be mostly house shows - confusingly enough Canal Public House is not in fact a house, but a pub. Message me for the details where adresses can not be found at morganorion(at)gmail(dot)com and chew on a little video of "The Tunnel of Love and the Hell of Hot Licks" from the forthcoming LP with New Orleans drummer, Kaleb Barkley - posted below.



I stopped by Daytrotter in Rock Island, Illinois a couple months ago to record a few tunes. I'm quite honored and excited to be included on their website among great artists like Andrew Bird, Charlie Louvin, Daniel Johnston, Sam Doores, Vic Chesnutt and Jeffrey Lewis...

You can listen to the whole session here.


I am honored beyond wordly expression to be touring with the great, Turner Cody of New York City:

~Turner Cody & Morgan Orion~ 

.......Summer Tour 2014..........

August 15th - NYC @ Antifolk Fest, Sidewalk Cafe
August 16th - Bushwick, NY @ Backyard Garden Party 
August 17th - Pittsburgh @ Garfield Artworks
August 20th - Kalamazoo, MI @ Satellite Records 
August 21st - Chicago @ The Hideout 
August 22nd - Iowa City @ The Trumpet Blossom
August 23rd - Lincoln, NE @ Toothblack House
August 24th - Kansas City @ Holy Cow**
August 25th - St. Louis @ Foam
August 26th - Urbana, IL @ Cafeteria and Company 
August 27th - Wooster, OH @ House Party

** = daytime show

Thanks and excited to see you all!





Dear world,
I have been on tour since February 24th playing in Nasheville and Asheville, Memphis and New York. Unicycling in the Eros parade in New Orleans around Mardi Gras. Eating hamburgers at dive bars and sleeping on floors and couches and spare beds. Meeting you or your friend for the first time. I drove by myself for five thousand miles and then raced a blizzard to Newfoundland, from where I write this - perched on the second story of a house in St. John's. For the second leg of my travels I will be joined by the talented and wonderful Thom Coombes of Thom and the Tomcat famedom. We will be playing shows between April 8th and the 16th all along the East Coast of North America as we head to Jacksonville, Florida to meet up with the Caravan Stage Company's gypsy theatre barge vessel. We will be working on their upcoming production. This is a rag tag blitz away from winter and toward the sunny shores. There's so much between here and there and we want to see it and meet those of you who know it and be part of it. If just for a night.

See you soon!

Morgan O.


Recording of the new album has been underway for sometime. It will be released in the fall of 2014. Very excited about art from Glen C Davies for the cover. Glen used to travel around with the circus and do banners and is one of the country's foremost experts on the history of sideshows. His work explores the strange corners of love and spiritualism and those secret yearnings of an innermost id swirling like a galaxy above us.



As a special present here is a brand new video and single from Morgan Orion shot by Sam Ambler and Matt Harsh!

Fire in Blood by Morgan Orion from Sam Ambler on Vimeo.


New demos are up on Bandcamp! Recording has been in the works for sometime now and a new album is expected to surface in the spring of 2013 to coincide with a southern U.S. tour. More news on this soon. Happy Holidays!


Last year in November Sam Ambler and Morgan went to a graveyard in Urbana and recorded some songs. Here is a live rendition of "She Wants to Know" from the session.

News, News, News!
Morgan will be playing shows in the Midwest this summer and touring the U.S. in the fall. Keep watching the Shows section for updates. In the meantime, we have another snippet of poetry for you. Morgan is working on his first ever book of poems to be published by Hot Lead Press in the autumn.

What is the Difference Between Woman and Man?

What is the difference between woman and man,
And who runs the dials that dictate? 
Walking in the tidepools of an exlover's dreams - 
she'll describe the coral reef but omit the trumpet fish. 
The music is our secret. 
The music is our soul. 
By Morgan Orion


Lovesick is one of the Buzz's local release staff favorites for 2011!

Here's what they said:

At first it seems that being “Lovesick” would be a bad thing, but Morgan Orion seems so happy, which makes me happy because this record is filled with so much innocence and infatuation, that just the irony of the title “Lovesick” adds a good portion to why this record is so good. Almost every guitar-driven song, duet and note sung by Orion’s sweetly strained voice has its own element of fun that makes me want to go find someone and love ‘em forever. It’s a relatively new release, and I’ve already listened to it countless times. If you want to love without consequence, you should do it too. —AB


Morgan Orion's "Lovesick" is now available!


Give it to your holiday sweetheart or as a sweet treat to yourself,
Take it with you to the end of the world.
Keep your ears warmer in the winter weather (especially if you have nice big headphones).
Do with it what you will, it's here now, so check it out!

You can acquire it from:
Bandcamp, iTunes, Rhapsody and pretty much anywhere else that peddles musical fodder these days or go find Morgan at a show and get the real cd!

The "Lovesick" music video is up online! It was directed by Sam Ambler, shot by Matt Harsh and conceived by Sam, Matt, Morgan and his sister Gabrielle. Check it out on youtube or go to the real world premiere at Mike N Molly's on Friday, December 2nd!

In continuation with the excitement, the album of the same name is finally coming out this Saturday, December 3rd. There will be a release party at Exile on Main, the lovely local record store, in downtown Champaign @ 7 o'clock pm central standard time. This will be the last show in town for a month or so.

Sand or...

She looked at me
as if I was sand 
or a bug
in her eye,

I can take a hint.

I high tailed it
like a model-t ford
with no wheels
being pulled by 16 horses
with pneumonia.

But, I felt great,


Sure, there was a woman,
Sure, she didn't show,
Sure, the one that did is the one I see everywhere
Like an hallucination or a mirage
in this desert that love hath forgot

It is replaced only by prepackaged food instructions:

Put my heart in boiling water for 8-10 minutes.
Drain my heart.
Stir in my heart and a 1/4 TBSp of butter.
Wait for my heart to melt.

The bars are closed,
now you are hungry.

Eat my heart out.

By Morgan Orion

Morgan's been writing alot of poems and turned 22 on October the 13th. Mixing of Lovesick is in progress with the dutiful assitance of Paul Kotheimer, expect it in late November. Three shows in Champaign/Urbana coming up this weekend and the next, check it out in the shows section!

There was a time when I stopped drinking water-
convinced that my body was a desert.

I planned a festival
so that a hundred thousand drugged out hippies
could come and try to tear me apart.

Then I remembered I don't like big festivals, much

"Perhaps I miss you", I thought
into the cupboard

When I filled my glass, I found out:

"I just miss water."

By Morgan Orion

New Single Out!

Morgan's new single, "Sick of Being Sick and Tired" is now listenable and downloadable through Bandcamp!

It sounds like this: