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--------------PAST SHOWS 2018----------------------

January 7th - New Orleans, LA @ Siberia (Sam Doores' For the Sake of the Song, solo)

January 14th - New Orleans, LA @ The Howlin' Wolf in The Den with Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts!

January 21st - New Orleans, LA @ Siberia w. Never Ever and Luke Brechtelsbauer

January 30th - New Orleans, LA @ Boarcoonia w. BLATO ZLATO and Helen Gillet

--------------PAST SHOWS 2017----------------------

January 18th - Portland, OR @ Analog Cafe (w. Jack Lewis, Dana Sipos, Gallen Ballinger, Longwood Soul Revue and Mink Throat Featurette)

February 3rd - New Orleans, LA @ Mag's 940 (w. Guts Club, Conor Donohue and Julia Lucille)

February 16th - New Orleans, LA @ The Boarcoonian Ball

March 12th - New Orleans, LA @ The Speakeasy Spot (w. Emma Dilemma, Sam Doores (of The Deslondes), Pony Hunt and Luke Brechtelsbauer)

March 24th - Nashville, TN @ The Crying Wolf (w. Emma Dilemma, SOS 1995 and Scarlett Deering)

March 25th - Bon Aqua, TN @ Sugar Camp Farm (w. Emma Dilemm and Billy Crescendo)

March 26th - Louisville, KY @ Mag Bar (w. The Winter of Twenty Six and Ms. Jr)

March 28th - Urbana, IL @ The Iron Post (w. Ticketless Traveler)

March 31st - Memphis, TN @ The Hi-Tone (w. Crockett Hall and Jeremy Scott)

April 15th - New Orleans, LA @ Euphorbia Kava Bar (w. Jack and the Jack Rabbits and Shane Sayers)

May 25th - New Orleans, LA @ The Mudlark Theatre (w. Guts Club and more!)

May 27th - Memphis, TN @ Lamplighter Lounge (w. YESSE YAVIS and Crystal Shrine)

June 3rd - Monticello, IL @ The Hog Chute Opry Festival (w. Kenna Reis Band, Walt Falbo and the Falbonauts, Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery, Christy Hays, The Dirty Feathers, Sam Payne, Tractor Kings, The Maness Brothers, and Cara Louise Band)

June 9th - Urbana, IL @ The Iron Post (w. Ticketless Traveler)

June 16th - Chicago, IL @ Eye See (w. Caleb Willitz)

June 17th - Memphis, TN @ Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge (w. Emma Dilemma, The Minor Second and Droneroom)

June 18th - Breeze, IL @ Gridiron Grill (Jimmy T's Open Mic Reunion!)

June 27th - Detroit, MI @ Donovan's Pub (w. Jheremie Jacque, Evan Haywood and Honey Monsoon)

July 3rd - Peterborough,ON @ The Garnet (w. Thom Coombes and Jill Stavley)

July 4th - Toronto, ON @ House Show (w. Thom Coombes and Dana Sipos)

July 5th - Sault Ste Marie, ON @ Gore Street Cafe (w. Thom Coombes)

July 6th - Thunder Bay, ON @ The Apollo (w. Thom Coombes)

July 7th - Kenora, ON @ Unfixed (w. Thom Coombes)

July 8th - Winnipeg, MB @ Shannon's Irish Pub (w. Thom Coombes)

July 9th - Onanole, MB @ The Lakehouse (w. Thom Coombes)

July 12th - Regina, SK @ Faye House (w. Thom Coombes and Nick Faye)

July 13th - Saskatoon,SK @ D'lish (w. Thom Coombes)

July 14th - Edmonton, AB @ The Sewing Machine Factory (w. Thom Coombes)

July 15th - Calgary, AB @ Koi Cafe (w. Thom Coombes)

July 27th - Portland, OR @ Basil Bar (w. Anaïs)

August 19th - Dekalb,IL @ Seventh Street Space (w. Limesplosion and more!)

August 29th - Thunder Bay, ON @ The Apollo

October 1st - Elba, Italy @ Elba Sonica Festival (w. The Wave Pictures, The Burning Hell, Jeffrey Lewis and The Bolts, Reverend Beat-Man, Stanley Brinks, Eugene Chadbourne, Sonic Jesus, Phil Reynolds, Deep Sound Diver, Clemence Feschard, The Devils and more!)

October 5th - Berlin, Germany @ Alter Roter Löwe Rein (w. leoprrrds)

October 6th - Paris, France @ Le Pop In (w. MÛSH)

October 13th - Bristol, UK @ Roll for The Soul (w. MoreEats and Palomica)

October 14th - London, UK @ The Gallery Cafe (w. MoreEats and Sun)

October 15th - Brighton, UK @ The Latest Music Bar (w. MoreEats)

November 4th - Urbana,IL @ CU Folk and Roots Fest 2017 (in The Independent Media Center)

November 21st - New Orleans, LA @ Dragon's Den for The Allstar Covered Dish Country Jamboree!)

December 21st - Urbana, IL @ The Iron Post (late night show with The Afterburners, two sets)

--------------PAST SHOWS 2016----------------------

January 28th - New Orleans, LA @ Boarcoonia

February 15th - Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo’s

February 16th - Jacksonville, FL @ Burro Bar

February 17th - Miami, FL @ Barely Damned

February 22nd - Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light

February 23rd - Nashville, TN @ Fond Object

February 28th - Champaign, IL @ The Accord

March 11th - Urbana, IL @ The Iron Post

April 3rd - Jerusalem, Israel @ Mahane Yehuda Market

April 8th - Zurich, Switzerland @ Gotthard Bar w/ MoreEats

April 12th - Darmstadt, Germany @ Oetinger Villa w/ MoreEats

April 13th - Mannheim, Germany @ Cafe Rost w/ MoreEats

April 15th - Antwerp, Belgium @ Forbidden City

April 17th - Ghent, Belgium @ Klein Kunst

April 18th - Ghent, Belgium @ Faja Lobi

May 4th - Saarbrucken, Germany @ Sparte 4 w/ The Burning Hell

May 9th - Zürich, Switzerland @ Bosch Bar w/ MoreEats

May 13th - Besançon, France @ Secret Show

May 20th - Beziers, France @ Le Capharnarhum

May 29th - Berlin, Germany @ Wesertstraße 58

June 1st - Rosenheim, Germany @ Hang Loose Bar w/ The Burning Hell

June 4th - Ketsch, Germany @ The Beachplatz

July 17th - Chicago, IL @ Humboldt Park BBQ Show

August 6th - Sadorus, IL @ SVENSTOCK

August 7th - Urbana, IL @ Library House w. Soft Self Portraits

August 12th - Urbana, IL @ The Iron Post w. The Curls

October 15th - Brooklyn, NY @ Outside Over Here w. Turner Cody and the johns

December 14th - Jackson, MS @ Offbeat w. Alex Fraser and Betzenzo

December 16th - Nashville, TN @ Bowery Vault w. Emma Dilemma and Kristen Ford

December 17th - Louisville, KY @ Lydia House w. The Winter of Twenty-Six

December 22nd - Urbana, IL @ The Iron Post w. Ticketless Traveller

December 27th - Memphis, TN @ The Buccaneer w. Crockett Hall and Jeremy Scott